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Passion Led Me Here

My Story – Passion Led Me Here

Jeanie (Herman) Briscoe

Jeanie (Herman) Briscoe

Owner | Designer

I have been there and struggled that. My first run at a business that led me to the work I am in now, was not what I would call a complete success. I was a much different person then, and have grown, learned and evolved into what I am today. I believe, down to my bones, there is never failure. There is always insight to be taken and ran with, and that is, in itself, success. Let’s face it, it’s usually the set backs and perceived failures that really do get us on the way to where we want to go.

I pour over 8 years of web & graphic design, online marketing and eCommerce experience, training, success and set back into my work and pride myself on my ability to really connect with my client- who they are, why they’re unique, what their vision is and then translate that into their project.

Like other business owners and parents, I wear a lot of hats. I am, first and foremost, a (slightly eccentric) mom of 5 super fun, wonderful kiddos whom I love fiercely and often drive me completely crazy.

Beyond that, I am a designer, creative, business owner, book keeper, chef (I make a killer mac and cheese), household manager (a fancy way of saying I chase kids and find socks in weird places), fixer of things, country kid, horse person, song writer, a sucker for kittens and huge fan of all things vintage, including people.

And, last but not least, I am a musician, with a love for the eclectic. The more obscure the song, the more I typically love it. Having played in a number of bands and groups throughout the years, I’ve discovered my niche in the more intimate, small group, coffee shop patio type of venue. I adore my Takamine guitar (which I have yet to name) and all the folks I’ve had the opportunity to play music with…there’s nothing like finding that space where the music just clicks.

You can reach me at jeanie@jhl-creative.com, or call 308-225-1446. I’d love to chat.

Things I Love

  • Coffee. Lots of Coffee.
  • New Socks
  • Americana Music
  • The Smell of a Horse
  • Little Kid Humor
  • Takamine and Taylor Guitars
  • Skittles & Popcorn (mixed together)
  • Broke In, Comfy Boots
  • Young Things – Kids, Animals, Businesses
  • Old Things – Oh to Hear Their Stories

Things I’ve Discovered

  • Its Possible to Live on Coffee Alone
  • Humus Could be it’s Own Food Group
  • I Over Use Comas, A, Lot
  • Calculators Are a Creative’s Best Friend
  • Ctrl + Z is a LIFE SAVER
  • I Can Agonize Over the Perfect Shade of Green
  • It’s Sometimes Necessary to Wear a Wonder Woman T-Shirt
  • People Really Are Good
  • Faith is a Necessity

My Philosophy

I’d love to tell you a little about my philosophy. (By the way, that handsome drink of water over there next to me- that’s Duwayne, my 18 yr old Blue Valentine gelding.)

I have a passion for small business, after all, I am one. Like every business owner, I’ve been through the struggles, the ups and downs, false starts, successes and (what seemed like at the time) failures.

And, I’ve seen firsthand how finding just one honest, integrity based company can not only change perspective, they can also be what helps catapult you to the next level. This is what I hope to be for my clients.

It begins with Discovery. I understand the importance of really distilling down and defining what makes you unique, who you love to work with and what you offer that your competitors don’t. It’s foundational.

It’s what will make or break creating an effective and engaging atmosphere for your target audience, whether its within your brand, website, advertising or marketing. It’s the touchstone for success, and I’m passionate about helping business owners do just this.

Our Mission

Yep, our mission. We’re in this together you and me…business owners, entreprenuers, in the trenches, looking to offer who and what we are to those around us. We’ve all got a mission and mine is to help you succeed as only your authentic self can. I know what it takes to translate those forementioned foundational pieces into a solid brand and an engaging website that visitors can connect with, and help you show the world what you bring to the table. I put thought and integrity into every project I work on. If I’m honest, I put my entire heart and soul into every piece I create, as cliche’d as that sounds.

I hold budding entrepreneurs and start-ups close to my heart, and also love to work with established businesses in taking their companies to the next level. At JHL Creative, my mission is to use the experience and expertise I’ve gained, to help you succeed.

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