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Let’s make yours stand out with graphic design that reflects your personality.

Your Brand, Your Personality. As with web design, the more authentic you are to your audience, the more successful you’ll be in connecting with them. It’s kind of a recurring theme. Branding really is more than just graphic design. It is also, and I feel, more importantly a representation of your company’s authentic personality, as it relates to your uniques and target audience.

Creating a mix of concise text and visuals that effectively represent this, can be tricky business. Thats why I work closely with you, and use the same discovery method I do with our web designs, to flesh out this personality and create the look and feel that authentically reflects your business.

Print, Advertising & Custom Graphic Design…it’s the same game. Whether its a print ad, magazine or book cover, every piece you put out to the public should portray your unique brand and your offer (if applicable), as it relates to your uniques and target audience. Again, we need concise text and engaging graphics. With every piece I create, I take into account these things and work closely with you to build a graphic design that draws in your audience and effectively conveys your message.


Logos & Branding

  • Personality | Voice Discovery
  • Vector Logo Design
  • Business Cards & Collateral
  • Company Swag

Print & Advertising

  • Print Ads
  • Interactive Theater Ads
  • Billboards & Signage
  • Brochures, Flyers, Mailers & Posters
  • Magazine / Catalog Design

Custom Graphics

  • Book Covers
  • Apparel Graphics
  • Decals & Signage
  • Banners, Table Covers, Flags

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Branding & Logo Design

Shaping Your Brand: Starting with a close look at your business’s personality, uniques, and target audience, I then begin to flesh out an initial concept for the look and feel of your logo. If you have an idea for the look feel based on other logos you’ve seen, great! I will begin a design with the concept in mind.

Logo Design Includes:

  • Personality / Identity Discovery
  • Color Pallette
  • Vector Graphic Design- Allows for high resolution printing at nearly any size
  • Concept Creation and Revision Process down to your Final Design
  • Full ownership of the design
  • High Resolution Print Files, Web Optimized Files and the Original Design File

Developing Your Voice: Because branding reaches so much further than a logo design, I can also help you in developing the type of “voice” your written content should be in, in relation again to your personality and target audience.

This is actually more important than it may seem. If you think about say, a skateboard company. Would you expect their “voice” to be more formal, or more casual and upbeat? We’re betting you’re going to say casual and upbeat…right? It is important to match your voice with not only your offering, but also your personality and target.

That’s where I come in. I’ve worked with clients to help flesh this out and create copy that resonates with their brand and connects with their audience.

True Story Example: The creators of PC Complete Care, a home pc updating, security and maintenance software, were in need of a full on brand and eCommerce website to launch their new product.

The developers are witty, friendly and really care about their customers. The product is very technical and many companies in their market have a bit of a bad rap, so we created the copy on their website to reflect a fun, conversational, “we’ve got your back”, non “tech speak” tone to connect and engage with their visitors. This, along with relational imagery and benefit driven text, created a welcoming, trust worthy and supported atmosphere on the website. Have a look at the results on their website, here.

Business Cards & Collateral

You’ve got your logo, you’ve found your voice, now it’s time to get the iron hot and start placing your brand. From business cards to letterhead and other collateral, I’ll create a uniform design to sweep across all of your media, keeping your brand intact and engaging.


Business Card & Collateral Design Includes:

  • Uniform, Custom Graphic Design & Color Pallette Across All of Your Media
  • Direct Work with Your Printer (or we can suggest a printer if you don’t already have one)
  • Horizontal & Vertical Business Card Layouts
  • Front & Back Printing, if desired


Company Swag
Company Swag: Folks love to get gifts. Handing out swag, especially useful, quality swag to your clients and potential clients can help keep you at the front of their mind.


Pens, notepads, caps, thumb drives, water bottles, chapstick, heck, even a flask, can be not only a nice gesture, but also a great, passive way to stay in front of your audience.

Let me know your audience, purpose and budget and I’ll help you put together a package of swag that will best suit your needs.


  • Swag Research & Pricing
  • Design Creation
  • Direct Work with Your Printer (or we can suggest one if you don’t have one)
Print & Advertising

Just like a website, your Print and Advertising pieces need to catch the eye of your audience quickly and should be something they are able to feel themselves in and engage with. I work to do just that.

Whether its a newspaper or magazine ad, billboard, poster or magazine, I design each piece to have it’s own life and personality, in relation to your target and the results you’re looking for.

I’ll work closely with you on your talking points, logo and the imagery you’d like to use, get a feel for your brand and target audience, and create your piece, taylored specifically to your needs.


  • Custom Design & Uniform Color Pallette Based on Your Other Media
  • Direct Work with Your Printer (or we can suggest a printer if you don’t already have one)
  • Layout & Dimensions Based on Your Needs


Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics can cover a wide range of graphic design, however, it still holds true that an effective piece will start with those 3 things we keep talking about, your personality, uniques, and target audience, to convey your message.


Whether you’re in need of a Book Cover or Hat Liner, Custom Decal or T-Shirt Design, I start each item with a close look at you, your audience and the results you’re looking for or message you’d like to convey.


  • File Format According to Your Printing Needs
  • Direct Work With Your Printer
  • Initial Concept with Revisions Down to your Final Design


True Story

After struggling to pull together an event logo & flyer, we finally reached out to JHL Creative for help. We are so glad we did! In no time we had a professional logo and flyer with great graphics. Changes were completed quickly. Couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. - G. Smith | Summer Madness Tournament

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