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Your Website is Your First Handshake with the World.

Let’s make your web design a memorable one.

It’s about Authentic Connection. One of the most important pieces you’ll use to market your business, your website is your first handshake with the world. Put bluntly, it can make or break further contact from your visitor. Consumers want to be spoken to, they want to connect and see themseves in your website, using your products or services. I can help you make that happen.

We Can Acheive This With a Website That:

  • Engages & Connects with Your Visitors Quickly
  • Speaks to Them on a Benefit Driven Level
  • Reflects Your Uniques & Highlights Your Offerings
  • Offers a Logical Flow with a Clear Call to Action

Let’s translate your uniques, your target’s needs, and your goals into a website design that gets results, using benefit driven text, engaging headlines, irresistable calls to action, and an intuitive, easy to navigate website experience.

It's About You, But It's Not. (whaaat?) Click Here to Learn More

It’s about you, but it’s not. It’s a balance. We live in a very benefit driven society where consumers want to know, “what’s in it for me”. The most effective thing we can do with our website, is give them the answer and make it a good one. Consumers want to be spoken to. They want to connect.

It’s not necessarily about a web design with fancy graphics or flashy videos…it’s about really connecting with your audience and drawing them in. When they can see themselves in your website, using your product or service, my friend you’ve hit the jackpot. I work hard to create exactly this atmosphere within your website.

And yet, it starts with you. Our ideal client is typically a version of ourselves. Let’s starts with in depth discussion about what makes you unique, who you love to work with (aka target audience), and what you want your website to do for both your business and your visitors.

From there, let’s translate this into an effective website design, offering benefit driven text, engaging headlines, irresistable calls to action, and an intuitive, easy to navigate website experience.


Custom Websites & eCommerce

What makes you unique? Who is your target audience? What do you want your website to do for you & your visitors? Let’s translate all of these into a web design that delivers results.

  • Connection Based Design & Layout
  • Mobile Friendly, WordPress Platform
  • User Friendly DIY Updating Capability
  • Content & Copywriting Assistance

Updating & Redesign

Have an existing site that needs updating? Current website not delivering results? Regardless of the platform, if you’ve got ftp access, I can help you get the results you’re looking for.

  • Desktop HTML Software (ie. Dreamweaver)
  • Online Website and eStore Builders
  • Make Updates & Changes
  • Freshen Up your Current Site

Domains, Email & Hosting

Your website starts with a domain name that reflects your business, is easy to remember and spell. A professional email address ( engages trust and professionalism. Reliable hosting will ensure your website stays up and running.

  • Domain Name Research & Registration
  • Professional Email Setup & Tutorial
  • Hosting- 99% Uptime, Lightning Fast
  • We’ll take care of it all

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Custom Websites & eCommerce - Click Here

Web Design from rustic to modern, simple to complex, brochure site to full blown eCommerce. I’ve got the design eye, expertise and marketing insight to help you create a beautiful and accurate reflection of your business online, designed to speak to your audience and deliver results.

Each of my websites are built within WordPress, are Responsive (Mobile Friendly), and include marketing consultation where it applies to results driven web design and professional copy writing assistance included free with your web design.

We Can Add a Number of Web Design Add-Ons Including:

  • Easy to Use DIY Updating, Drag & Drop Platform
  • Strategic, Benefit Driven Content Placement & Organization
  • Home Page Image Slider w/ Links Into Internal Pages
  • Email Sign Up w/ Email Platform Integration
  • Landing / Sales Pages
  • Prominent Calls to Action
  • Embedded Video & YouTube Account Setup
  • Customized Photo Galleries
  • Restaurant Menu Creation w/ DIY Updating Capability
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart Integration
  • Product & Product Category Creation
  • Shipping, Tax Rules, & Payment Gateway Setup & Integration
  • And More…Let Me Know What Results You’re Looking & I’ll Help Find the Tool to Get You There
Updating & Redesigns - Click Here

Updating: While much of my work deals in new websites, I work with existing websites as well. Often, folks approach me with existing html websites that they are looking to have updated. Some of these sites are created in desktop html software, such as Dreamweaver, others have been created within online builders or online store builders.

Got FTP access? I can help. All I need to be able to get in and make updates to your existing site is login access to your FTP (file transfer protocol). From there I can download the files that need to be changed, make the updates and re-upload it directly to your server, making it live immediately. For online builders and online store builders, if I can get access to the template files, I can create virtually any look, layout and feel your looking for.

Redesigns:There can be a number of reasons why a website redesign would make sense. Maybe it is a little dated, and doesn’t accurately represent your business now. Maybe it is not delivering the results you’re looking for. Whether your website was built with the platforms above, or within a platform like WordPress, I can help. I will look at the same things I do for a new website design, including your uniques, target audience and what the results are that you’re looking for. From there I’ll put together a plan for the redesign, based on your situation and needs.

Domains, Email & Hosting - Click Here

Domains: The domain of your website will have a big impact on the ease of use for your audience. The domain needs to be easy to remember, spell, and as short in length as possible. Whether you’re in need of a domain, or already have one purchased, we’re here to help. When I purchase a domain for a client, I want you to always have access to it. You own it, after all. Therefore, I create an account just for you, giving you the login information so you can always get into it.

Domain Purchase Includes:

  • Domain Name Research (2 to 4 Options of Available Domains)
  • Registrar Account Creation
  • Domain Purchase
  • Domain Renewal

Already Have a Domain?

  • All I Need is Your Login Credentials to Get in and Point it to Your New Website

Email: Get a professional email address, ie., for a very low monthly price. I have access to a number of options for email setup.

One of our most popular is Microsoft Office 365, which includes online Microsoft Outlook platform, as well as some of the other products in the Microsoft Office Suite. From there we can go up in features, including the desktop versions of the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

Hosting: 99% Uptime, Lightning Fast

  • Low Monthly Fee / Annual Discount
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Server (designed specifically for WP Platform)
  • Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Structural Maintenance
  • Security Updating: Updates to WordPress Platform, Plugins, Themes to Ensure Structural Integrity and Security

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