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Welcome to the world of Sierah King & Isari Al-Farid. Their businesses, their tumultuous love, the collage that is their life together.

Book Cover Design & Image Modification

Collage & Hearts of Control Books | Portrait for Marketing Purposes

Author, Claudia Simon, writing under pen name Lydia Legend, approached us in need of a cover design for her first book, Collage, then her second piece, Hearts of Control. Romance novels, she was looking for a cover that reflected a certain type of journal that is a prominent piece of her stories, and had a very particular piece of jewelry in mind for the center piece, also a prominent piece of the stories.

We worked to create just this for her, creating custom graphics for both. Self publishing using Create Space by Amazon, we used the specifications she needed for that platform.

As a piece of her marketing, she found just the image that reminded her of Sierah King, but needed modifications made to reflect her understated classy style, green eyes and dark complexion. Using her image, we removed the earrings, modified the shirt, darkened her complexion and gave her green eyes, working to stay true to the original image.

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