Journey Into Being – Raleigh, NC

Journey Into Being empowers women, by providing retreats, programs, and online courses which offer grounded guidance, practical tools, and deep awareness, in a safe space that makes it possible to discover, explore, grow, and transform.

Website Design | eCommerce | Branding


The women behind Journey Into Being approached us to create a brand and website for their women’s personal growth program and retreats.

In starting the project we got a good feel for what the pair were working to offer through their program and convey through their brand. Because the main idea of their name (and program) is centered on growing into who you really are, we went with the image of a woman embracing life around her, with expansive ocean in front of her. Since the retreats are based seaside, in both North Carolina and Hawaii, we went with an ocean theme, using original imagery from the clients.

The website was designed to reflect the expansiveness of the ocean, with benefit driven text to both educate and entice visitors. We created sales and landing pages, designed for list building and program sales and integrated and eCommerce platform for online payment capability. We also integrated a blog, with sign up forms to stay connected on strategic pages.

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