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Perpetual Food Company is a leading designer of simplified Aquaponic Equipment, that anyone can successfully use to grow their own clean food. The driver behind their business is creating awareness of the relationship between food and health, producing sustainable, environmentally friendly equipment and offering entrepreneurial opportunities.

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When owner Randy Campbell approached me about this website, it only took minutes to know he was just the type of client I love to work with. A very heart based entrepreneur, Randy’s vision for his company far out reaches just the sale of cutting edge aquaponic equipment that nearly anyone can use. He is an advocate for clean food, the relationship between quality food and health and most of all, for creating a simple, easy way for nearly anyone to be able to grow their own food and take control of their health.

Randy also works with school systems in using aquaponics to demonstrate a number of curricula within the classroom. This is what Perpetual Food is all about. (In going along with this theme, I recently created a t-shirt design for an educator’s convention PFC attended.)

In designing the site, we worked to create a hybrid of educational content, information and product introduction. Perpetual Food hosts a large dealer network, for which I implemented a Dealer Locator, featuring a search capability based on the user’s location. This is the tip of the iceberg, you’ll be seeing much more of Perpetual Food in the days to come.

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