West Fargo & Sheyenne High Guitar – Fargo, ND

The West Fargo & Sheyenne High School guitar programs, directed by Mark Berntson, offer great education and even guitars for kids interested in learning.


West Fargo & Sheyenne High Guitar | Fargo, North Dakota

When Mark Berntson, director of the programs, approached me with an interest in logos for his programs, I was super excited. I’ve heard about his programs and what great opportunity they offer for kids interested in learning guitar. Being a musician myself, and having had my start in high school guitar, this quickly became a project very close to my heart.

He was very interested in logos that could be placed on apparel, so he could give t shirts to his students as “uniforms” for the program. We went with a sillouhette outline of 2 different types of guitars, with the sound hole and strings as a back drop, keeping ample area to display each school’s colors. A very fun project, for a great cause!

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