West River Rodeo Bible Camp – Ft. Yates, ND

West River Rodeo Bible Camp offers life-changing, practical Bible teaching, hands-on instruction from regionally and nationally recognized rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, and the chance to compete in rodeo events for all skill levels.

Branding Logo Design

West River Rodeo Bible Camp | Ft. Yates, North Dakota

The director of the WRBC approached us, looking for a logo design to reflect the camp and what it is based upon. Located on the river, the board was looking for a design that incorporated this, the rodeo element and a depiction of The Cross.

We worked to create a piece that incorporated these elements, was authentic to the rodeo world and offered a sleek, athletic feel. The logo has been used on buckles, clothing, signage and other branding material. We also created a t-shirt design for the same group, featuring the notion of being “Cowboy Jesus Freaks“.

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